BS EN/ IEC 60335-2-7 Household and similar electrical appliances

BS EN/ IEC 60335-2-7

Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Part 2-7: Particular requirements for washing machines

In this modern aeon, washing machines are necessity of every house. Affording a maid or servant for washing clothes is too much as compared to the cost that washing machine takes. After spending a tiring day at office and look to clean a bundle of clothes at home can be unmanageable. These machines offer the advantage of performance, productivity, simplicity, and less cost.

The above standard deal with safety of electric washing machines (household or similar use that are manufactured to wash clothes and textiles having rated voltage less than 250V for single phase and 480 V for other appliances.

This standard does not covers

  • Washing machines intended for industrial purposes
  • Appliances intended to be used in location where special conditions prevail.

This standard covers the common hazards introduced by washing machines that are experienced by all persons in and around home. Although, in general, it does not take account

  • Persons( including children) whose
    • Physical sensory or mental capability: or
    • Lack of experience and knowledge prevent them from using the appliances without supervision or instructions
  • Children playing with the appliances

List of tests for IEC 60335-1 Clause No Title of the test Equipment used
1 8 Protection against live parts. 3 Test Probe.
2 10 Power I/P & Current Single Phase Variac.
3 11 Temperature Test Temperature meter.
4 13.2 Leakage Current Test Leakage Current Tester
5 13.3 Electric Strength Test Electrical Safety Analyzer.
6 14 Impulse Voltage Test Impulse Generator
7 15 IP Testing/ Electric Strength Test 14.2.4(a) IEC 60529
8 16.2 Leakage Current Test Leakage Current Tester
9 16.3 Electric Strength Test Electrical Safety Analyzer.
10 17 Transformer Overload Protection Single Phase Variac, Temperature meter.
11 19 Abnormal Operation Test Panel
12 20.1 Stability test Inclined Plane
13 20.2 Mechanical test Test Probe/Force Gauge
14 21 Spring Hammer Impact Test Spring Hammer
15 22 Voltage Drop test/ Capacitor CRO
16 22.6 Syringe Test Syringe, colored water
17 22.11 Assembly test N/A
18 22.12 Axial pull test Torque meter
19 22.16 Cord guard flexing Test/ Electric Strength Test Cord guard flexing Test Apparatus
20 23.5 Electrical Stress test Electrical Safety Analyzer.
21 25.2 High Voltage test Electrical Safety Analyzer.
22 26 Chord pulling test Force gauge
23 26.1X Terminal pull test Force gauge(5N)
24 27 Earthing test Electrical Safety Analyzer.
25 28 Screws Test Screw Driver, Torque meter
26 29 Clearance and Creepage Distance Vernier Calliper and Filler gauge
27 30 Glow wire test Glow wire test apparatus
28 Needle Flame test Needle Flame Burner
28 23.3 Flexing Test/
Oscillating Mechanism
30 Electric Strength Test Electrical Safety Analyzer.
31 22.3 Torque/ Thermal/ Pull Test Torque meter, Oven, Force gauge
32 21.102 Adequate Strength Load 4 times, Torque meter
33 flexing Test/
IEC 61000-4-3-4.6/ 4.11/ 4.13
34 15.2 Spillage Test/ Electric Strength Electrical Safety Analyzer.
35 15.3 Humidity test/ Detachable Parts Humidity Chamber
36 31 Salt mist test IEC 60068-2-52,
37 25.15 Internal Wiring/ Pull Test Torque meter/ Force Gauge

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