Are your cables Electromagnetic Compatible?

Are your cables Electromagnetic Compatible

Cables that are used in Electronic Equipment’s play a significant role in overall EMC situation either in positive or negative way…

The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) principle of cables is that communication signals should be kept inside the cables, and outside electromagnetic fields should not disturb the data transmission inside the cable.

Requirement for COAXIAL Cables designed for Broadcast and communication Technology  to avoid interference  problem


Sr. No Metrics  
1 Impedance Less than 5 mΩ/m from 5 to 30 MHZ
2 Screening Attenuation 85 dB from 30 – 1000MHZ( Screening Class A , in IEC 61196-6 )


Majority of Coaxial cables available in market do not full fill the above said requirement that lead to EMC and Mechanical weakness. Thus , affects the immunity of the equipment.

For EMC testing please contact ITC India Pvt Ltd or  Wrire to