CISPR 32/ EN 55032

CISPR 32/ EN 55032

CISPR 32 is a discrete standard formed for Multimedia Equipment having a rated AC or DC supply voltage not exceeding 600 V, but equipment within the scope of CISPR 22 or CISPR 13 is also within the scope of this publication. It incorporates a range of functions which include those in ITE (Information technology), broadcasting, audio, and video equipment. It also includes entertainment lighting control equipment.

In this contemporary world, ITE performs many different functions, features, and capability which were assessed by different compliance standards but now CISPR 32 is a single standard which addresses the case where all different features are integrated instead of having separate compliance standards. This standard is adopted by the European Union.

Two classes of End-User Terminal Equipment Under Test EUT (Class A and Class B) are considered.

The aims of the standard are:

  • To establish requirements which provide an adequate level of protection of the radio spectrum allowing radio services to operate as intended in the frequency range 9 kHz to 400 GHz;
  • To specify procedures to ensure the reproducibility of measurement and the repeatability of results.

Conducted Emissions from the AC mains power ports

Test set up

Radiated Emission- Test set up

Radiated Emissions below 1 GHz

Radiated Emissions above 1 GHz