EMC Testing For Electronic And Electrical Products

EMC Testing For Electronic And Electrical Products

The electronic or electrical product should not generate electromagnetic disturbances, that may influence other products. EMC deals with problems of noise emission as well as noise immunity of electronic and electrical products and systems. Electromagnetic disturbances occur as conducted interference as well as radiated emissions and immunity problems.

ElectroMedical Equipment’s

Testing of Medical Devices needs extra rigorous approach because of the type of environment they are placed into. High risk Electrical and electronics Electromedical equipment would be affected by Electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can lead to malfunctioning, inconvenience or life-threatening situations.  

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The FDA desires that all medical devices undergo EMC testing per the appropriate FDA Reviewer Guidance document or the European IEC 60601-1-2 standards. In the EU, all medical devices must have CE marking, which requires both immunity and emissions testing per International standards

Generic Standard

Medical devises IEC 60601-1-2 IEC 60601-2-x particular standards)

EMC on Automotive Equipment:

It is the method to measure the EMC of the car and its components like the radio, engine, etc.  EMC testing is very important now as automotive RF design grows in complexity and manufacturers mesh 4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth technology into their cars. Even Electric and automated cars also contribute to this increase in advance designing. A car dashboard is full of lively components that communicate with control systems and each other, produce RF noise and emissions, both are sources of EMI. EMC compliance is a pillar of contemporary automotive manufacturing, necessary to commuter safety, driving performance and revenue.

Applicable standard

  • IEC-61000-4 and ISO 7637.
  • CISPR 12| Radio disturbances in the off-board receiver
  • CISPR 25| Radio disturbances in on-board vehicles, boats, other devices

ITC India also performs EMC test services for the following industry types:

  • Commercial
  • Military
  • Aerospace