EN 60204-1 Safety of Machinery

EN 60204-1 Safety of machinery – Electrical equipment of machines

Part 1: General requirements

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Equivalent standard

  • BS EN 60204-1
  • IEC 60204-1

The standard is made for design of the electrical equipment of machines, and is the standard typically used when the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC shall be fulfilled in terms of safety for the electrical circuits.

Scope: This part of IEC 60204 applies to the application of electrical, electronic and programmable Electronic equipment and systems to machines not portable by hand while working, including a group of machines working together in a coordinate manner.

This standard is applicable to electrical equipment or parts of the electrical equipment that operate with nominal supply voltages not exceeding 1 000 V for alternating current (a.c.) and not exceeding 1 500 V for direct current (d.c.), and with nominal supply frequencies not exceeding 200 H.

This part of IEC 60204-1 does not cover all the requirements (for example guarding, Interlocking, or control) that are needed or required by other standards or regulations in order to protect persons from hazards other than electrical hazards. Each type of machine has unique requirements to be accommodated to provide adequate safety. Power circuits where electrical energy is directly used as a working tool are excluded from this part of IEC 60204.

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