ITC India Pvt Ltd Receives NABL and BIS Accreditation

ITC India Pvt Ltd receives NABL and BIS accreditation for Testing Luminaries, Adapters and LED Drivers






LED Drivers

Luminaries Adaptor LED Drivers

ITC India pvt Ltd got the accreditation for National Board of Testing and Calibration Laboratories( NABL) and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in testing Luminaries under CRS Scheme.

As per BIS Compulsory Registration scheme, Manufacturer can not store for sale, import or distribute goods which do not conform to Indian Standards. So, BIS registers the manufacturers under its CRS who are permitted to declare that their products conforms to Indian Standard.

We are BIS approved testing Lab for the below mentioned standards

Our objective is to support the manufacturer in improving its product safety and help the consumer to receive safe, reliable, good quality product.

SNIS StandardProduct
1IS 10322(Part 5/ Sec1) : 2012Luminaries (Fixed General – Purpose luminaries)
2IS 10322(Part 5/ Sec2) : 2012Luminaries – Recessed Luminaries
3IS 10322(Part 5/ Sec3) : 2012Luminaries For Roads and Street Light
4IS 10322(Part 5/ Sec5) : 2013Luminaries (Flood Light)
5IS 10322(Part 5/ Sec6) : 2013Luminaries ( Hand Lamps)
6IS 10322(Part 5/ Sec7) : 2017Luminaries (Lighting Chain)
7IS 15885 (Part2/ Sec 13):2012DC Supplied Electronics Control Gear For LED Modules( LED Drivers)
8IS 16102 (Part1):2012Self Ballasted LED Lamps for general LED Lighting services(LED Bulb)
9IS 302 (Pt1): 2008Safety of Household and similar electrical appliances general requirement ( Adapters)

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