Secondary cells and batteries

What are Secondary cells and batteries?

In Common Words those batteries are rechargeable are known as secondary batteries.Secondary batteries & Cells are the rechargeable. They have the advantage of being more cost-efficient over the long term.

Applications Secondary cells and batteries:


Power tools

Motor drives

Laptop computers

Mobile phones



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For the safe operation or safety purposes IEC ( International Electrotechnical Commission) Introduce the IEC 62133 ( for more info visit our website ( ) the standard for Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes.  This standard covers rechargeable Nickel cells and batteries, as well as lithium ion (Li-Ion) cells and batteries.

About the IEC 62133 Standard

IEC 62133 is the most important standard for exporting Lithium-Ion batteries, including those used in IT equipment, tools, laboratory, household and medical equipment.

Following Tests as per IEC 62133/IS 16046

Clause Measurement/testing Testing / measuring equipment / material needed
5.2 Insulation resistance Insulation resistance measurement equipment. Per IEC 62133-1:2017, Clause 5.2.
6 Type test conditions Temperature recorder.
7.1 Charging procedures for test purposes DC power supply.
Electric load.
7.2.1 Continuous low-rate charging (cells) Multimeter.
DC power supply.
7.2.2 Vibration Vibration tester. Per IEC 62133-1:2017, Clause 7.2.2.
7.2.3 Case stress at high ambient temperature (batteries) Oven.
7.2.4 Temperature cycling Oven. Per IEC 62133-1:2017, Clause 7.2.4.
7.3.1 Incorrect installation (cells) Multimeter.
7.3.2 External short circuit Multimeter – 80 mΩ ± 20 mΩ.
Temperature measurement device. Per IEC 62133-1:2017, Clause 7.3.2.
7.3.3 Free fall Concrete floor.
Height measurement.
7.3.4 Mechanical shock (crash hazard) Shock tester. Per IEC 62133-1:2017, Clause 7.3.4.
7.3.5 Thermal abuse (cells) Oven. Per IEC 62133-1:2017, Clause 7.3.5.
7.3.6 Crushing of cells Crush tester. Per IEC 62133-1:2017, Clause 7.3.6. Multimeter.
7.3.7 Low pressure (cells) Vacuum chamber. Per IEC 62133-1:2017, Clause 7.3.7.
7.3.8 Overcharge DC power supply.
7.3.9 Forced discharge (cells) DC power supply.
8.2 Small cell and battery safety information Ingestion gauge. Per IEC 62133-1:2017, Figure 2.

Sample Test Report

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