UV Light Bulbs Testing

What is UV?

Ultra Violet radiations emitted by a light source such as SUN

  • Harmful effect on human : Skin Cancer or sunburns, damage eyes, weaken immune system
  • Benefits : Trigger Vitamin D, Treatment of some skin disease such as psoriasis
 Why UV Light Bulbs?
  1. Improves indoor air quality
  2. Used in Hospitals to sanitize equipment.
  3. Increased energy savings
  4. They can prevent asthma and allergies.
UV Light Bulb Testing?

Equipment required :

  1. Suitable radiometer appropriate for 254 nm UV
  2. A true Power analyzer
  3. Test Chamber
Testing steps
  1. A lab requires 25UV bulb samples for testing.
  2. Bulbs are marked clearly from 1 to 25.
  3. Randomly 12 bulbs are selected for testing.
  4. Before testing, these 12 bulbs are operated for 100 hrs at full power
  5. The testing is done using a lamp testing chamber as per the protocol
  6. All the testing is done in care of Experts and data is recorded( Temperature of the test chamber and the distance of radiometer to the lamp centre).
  7. All the testing is done by calibrated instruments ( calibration valid for 1 year only)
Result of the testing :
  1. Relevant Lamp testing Data
  2. Average UVC efficiency