Variable Message Signs (VMS)

Variable Message Signs (VMS)

VMS include static signs with illuminating words with rotating prisms to change the message being displayed. There are five unique types of variable message signs:

  1. “REDUCE SPEED” neon signs.
  2. “Changeable message signs”
  3. Electronic VMS: signs with remotely controlled messages displayed on them; the messages are sent from the State Traffic Management Center, updating the signs automatically.
  4. Variable speed limit signs – used for varying the posted speed limits within work zones and in emergencies.
  5. Portable VMS: movable “electronic VMS”. A portable VMS has much the same characteristics as a fixed electronic VMS, but can be moved from location to location as the need dictates.

ITC India is performing VMS testing as per BS En 12966. Lab is equipped with highly accurate machine and competent engineers.  Some of the major tests are listed below.

All kind of mechanical tests can be performed in a standardized way, like

  • Vibration test
  • Temperature tests in climatic chamber
  • Resistance to loads
  • Impact test
  • Protection provided by enclosures (IP-level),
  • Electrical safety test
  • Resistance to corrosion and durability by accelerated aging,
  • EMC-test

All kind of visual performance tests can be performed in a standardized way, like

  • Colour
  • Luminance
  • Luminance ratio(contrast)
  • Beam width
  • Uniformity
  • Visible flicker
  • Operating conditions of light source ( Voltage, Current)

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