Accreditations & Approval

ITC India has a quality management system as per ISO 17025. It has been accredited by NABL, BIS, TECIABCBL, the UK and its results have been recognized by most of the Notified bodies in European ITC India’s lab have been witnessed by 3 notified bodies from Europe and has been approved.

ITC India has now been accredited by NABL, BIS, TEC in the field of Machinery Safety Testing, Electrical Safety Testing for Household Equipment, Electro-Medical Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Luminaries Safety Testing and Solar Photovoltaic Modules. For more details please contact us. 

In this contemporary epoch, accreditation plays a paramount role in the field of Testing. ITC India Pvt Ltd is maintaining its trustworthiness by upgrading its accreditations and reorganizations.

Institution of testing and certification (India) Pvt Ltd is performing testing as per national and International standards.  (ITC) is recognized by Bureau of Indian Standard ( BIS ) for Luminaries and accredited by  NABL in Electrical, Electronics and photometry Fields and Conformity assessment body (CAB) by Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC). The list of approved standard and product is mentioned below……


Recognized by Bureau of Indian Standards  (BIS) Accredited by National board of accredited Laboratories (NABL) Approved By Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) (in the process)

Full BIS Scope


Full NABL Scope


Full TEC Scope

  1. BIS Accreditations standard and products
S.No IEC  Standards Products
1 IS 10322 (Part 5 / sec 1) : 2012 Fixed General purpose luminaries
2 IS 10322 (Part 5 / sec 2) :2012 Recessed Luminaries
3 IS 10322 (Part 5/  sec 3) :2012 Road and street lighting
4 IS 10322 (Part 5/  sec 5) :2013 Floodlight
5 IS 10322 (Part 5/  sec 6) :2013 Handlamps
6 IS 10322 (Part 5/  sec 7) :2017 Lighting chain
7 IS 15885 (pt 2 sec 13): 2012 LED Driver
8 IS 16102(Pt 1): 2012 LED Bulb
9 IS 302(Pt 1): 2008 Adapter
  1. NABL approved Standards and products -Electrical, Electronics and Photometry
S.No IEC  Standards Products
1 IEC 60335-1

IEC 60335-2-3

IEC 60335-2-7

IEC 60335-2-12

IEC 60335-2-14

IEC 60335-2-24

IEC 60335-2-30

IEC 60335-2-76

IEC 60335-2-89

IEC 60335-2-95

IS 4250 :1980

Electric Fence Energizer, Electric iron, Washing Machine, Warming plate, Electric Kitchen Machine, Refrigerators,  Food-Freezers

and Ice-Makers, Room Heaters, Electric Immersion Water, Heater, Electric Stoves and Water Suction Cleaning Appliances, Milking Machines Vacuum Cleaners

2 IEC 60204-1 Machinery, Control Panels, conductor terminations. Metalworking Machinery, Food Machinery,  Plastic and rubber machinery, Printing paper and board machinery
3 IEC 61010-1 An instrument for measurement and laboratory use, electrical control equipment, electric Microscope, power supply, Autotransformer electrical laboratory equipment, signal generators, Transducers, the transmitter
4 IEC 60598-1

IEC 60598-2-1

IEC 60598-2-2

IEC 60598-2-3

IEC 60598-2-4

IEC 60598-2-5,

IEC 61347

IEC 62384

IEC 62560

IS 10322-1

IS 15687

IS 16102

IS 16103

IS 16104


IEC 62031


Luminaries, Fixed general purpose, road and street lighting, flood light, portable general-purpose luminaries, filament lamps, aquarium luminaries, Luminaries for garden use, swimming pool lights, indoor and outdoor luminaries
5 IEC 62444

EN 50262

BS 6121

Cable Gland, Armored Cable Gland, Metallic Cable Gland, Non-Metallic Cable Gland
6 IEC 62208

IEC 62262

IEC 60529

IEC 60068-2-1

IEC 60068-2-2

IEC 60068-2-14

IEC 60068-2-30

IEC 60068-2-31

IEC 60068-2-38

IEC 60068-2-75

IEC 60068-2-78

IEC 62275

IEC 60898-1

IEC 60898-2

IS 9000 Part 1,2,3,4

IS 1248

IS 13779

EN 50262

BS 6121

IS 8828

IS 12640

EN 64986

IEC 60079

IEC 61008

IEC 61009-1

IEC 610082-1

IEC 61009-2-1

Any electrical, electronics and process control items/ Products
7 IEC 61427

IEC 60896-21

IEC 60896-22

IEC 60896-11

IS 13369

IS 51651

IS 5154

JIS 8702

Secondary cell for batteries for PV energy systems(Secondary cell and batteries for Lead-acid batteries including traction batteries, sealed lead acid (SMF) batteries, Tubular batteries, VRLA batteries
8 IEC 6601-1

IEC 60601-2-10

IEC 60601-2-19

IEC 60601-2-21

IEC 60601-2-41

IEC 60601-2-50

IEC 60601-2-52

IS 13450-1

Medical equipment ( Nerve and muscle simulators, Infant Incubator, Infant radiant warmer, Surgical luminaries and luminaries for diagnosis, Medical beds and infant phototherapy equipment.
9 IEC 60950-1

IS 16242

Monitor, SMPS, Network Card, UPS, Computer, Modem, Cable tester, Balance, Refrigerated enclosures
10 IEC 62040

IS 16242

11 LM 79

IS 16106

IS 10322

IS 16103

IS 60969

IS 16107

Solid State lighting SSL Products LED
  1. TEC approved Standards
S.No Standard Products
1 IEC 60950-1

IEC 62040

Monitor, SMPS, Network Card, UPS, Computer, Modem, Cable tester, Balance, Refrigerated enclosures

ITC India Pvt Ltd delivers its services with an aim to provide reliable, safe, quality, Environment-friendly in addition to cost-effective and technical support with the output.  The lab is equipped with the latest scientific equipment with highly qualified professionals.  Our engineers are passionate, committed and deep expertise that made ITC grow a great height in a short period of time. For any testing enquiry please write or visit

ITC India Accreditation Scopes: