Flame Testing on Cable: IEC 60332-1-2 & IEC 60332-1-1

Flame Test on Electrical and Optical Fiber Cable

The Vertical Flame Test to IEC 60332-1-2 is designed to assess the flame retardant properties on a single cable length.

ITC  (ISO/IEC 17025 accredited) Testing laboratory Provide the flammability test  on electrical and Optical fiber cable

IEC 60332-1-2 Tests on Electric and optical fibre cables under fire conditions- part 1-2: Test for vertical flame propagation for a single insulated wire or cable-procedure for 1KW pre-mixed flame


This part of IEC 60332 specifies the procedure for testing the resistance to vertical flame propagation for a single vertical electrical insulated conductor or cable, or optical fibre cable, under fire conditions. The apparatus is given in IEC 60332-1-1.

Tests on Electrical and Optical Fibre Cable under Fire Conditions

StandardIEC 60332-1-2
DescriptionTests for vertical flame propagation for a single insulated wire or cable – procedure for 1-kW pre-mixed flame
Length of specimen:600 mm / 23.62 inches
Burner:According to IEC 60332-1-1
Test temperature:1 kW flame
Position of specimen:vertical
Position of flame:45° to vertical specimen
Duration of flame:see table 1 (below)
Conditions:Cable must be self-extinguishing. The damage or carbonization may only reach max. 50 mm under the upper fixing clamp.

Table 1 (Time for flame application)

Overall Diameter of test pieceDuration of the flame in second
D ≤ 2560 ± 2
25 < D ≤ 50120 ± 2
50 < D ≤ 75240 ± 2
D > 75480 ± 2

This fire performance test is performed on a finished cable or the insulated single conductors, meaning all layers of the cable construction are subjected to the burner flame.