IP Testing

IP Testing As Per IEC 60529

ITC can do Electrical Safety testing against IP Testing for following types of products/standards:

We have developed a special testing facility against Solid particle protection & Liquid ingress protection generally called as the IP testing. We have below test facility at present in our;

  1. IP 1X, IP 2X, IP 3X, IP 4X for protection of machine against Penetration by solid foreign objects.
  2. IP 5X for Dust Protection.
  3. IP 6X for Dust Protection.
  4. IP X3, IP X4, IP X5, IP X6, IP X7 & IP X8 for protection against ingress of water.
1X protection against objects >50mm X1 protection against vertically Dripping water
2X protection against objects >12.5mm X2 dripping water at +-15° from vertical
3X protection against objects >2.5mm X3 protection against spraying water
4X protection against objects >1mm X4 protection aginst splashing water
5X Dust Protected ( limited ingress) X5 protection aginst low pressure jetting water
6X Dust tight protection X6 protection against high pressure jetting water

IP(Ingress Protection) Testing

Ingress protection (IP) testing at ITC India NABL accredited Electrical Safety Testing laboratory can determine a products susceptibility to solid particle (including dust) ingress and liquid ingress (water).

Protection of the tests specified in : the following standard :-

  1. IEC 60529
  2. BS EN 60529

The standard we most commonly use at ITC for ingress protection is BS EN 60529 and IEC 60529. Within this standard it outlines an international classification system to test the sealing effectiveness of enclosures of electrical equipment against the the equipment of solid particles and liquid.

This classification system utilize the “IP” (“Ingress Protection”) normally followed by two digits:

  1. Ingress Protection of (IP) Ratings (Solid ingress)
  2. Ingress Protection (IP) Ratings (Liquid ingress)


The testing will access the protection of the equipment against ingress of solid bodies and/or liquids, varying over differing degrees of protection, depending upon the requirements you place on your product.

Protection against solid/dust entry:

The test specified in the first digit of the Protection Index (IP1X, IP2X, IP3X, IP4X, IP5X, IP6X), meaning protection against solid particles and dust entry into the fixture according to the BS EN 60598-1 IEC 60598 – 1, IEC 60529.

1. IP1X

Protection against solid object greater than 50mm diameter

Specification: The test for IP1X enclosures involves pressing a 50 mm diameter sphere with a force of 50 N against the opening of the enclosure. The product is approved if the sphere does not fully enter the enclosure and if there is a satisfactory distance from dangerous live parts and moving parts.

2. IP2X

Protection against solid objects diameter exceeding than 12.5 mm

Specification: IP 2X testing involves pressing a standardized 12 mm diameter test finger with a force of a 10 N, with a 12,5 mm sphere with a force of 30 N, against all openings of the enclosure. For acceptance, the sphere rod not fully enter the enclosure and there must be a satisfactory distance between the test finger and dangerous live parts and moving parts

3. IP3X

Protected against solid objects exceeding  than 2.5 mm diameter

Specification: IP 3X testing involves pressing a standardized test probe, in the form of a 2,5 mm steel wire with a against all openings of the enclosure, with the force of 3 N. For acceptance the probe must not get in the enclosure.

4. IP4X

Protected against solid objects exceeding than 1.0 mm diameter

Specification: IP 4X testing involves pressing a standardized test probe in the form of 1 mm steel wire against the all openings of the enclosure with a force of a 1N. For acceptance the probe must not enter in the enclosure

5. IP5X

Dust Protected

Specification: Ingress of dust is not Totally prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment; complete protection against contact (dust proof). This test is conducted using circulated dust which may be enter in the product but should not significantly de-grade the operation of the equipment.

6. IP5X

Dust tight (with a vacuum applied to the product

Specification: Items to be tested for IP 6 X enclosures are exposed to fine-grained circulating talcum powder in a dust chamber for 8 hours with the exposure time being determined by the testing conditions for the specific item. This testing is performed with a maximum pressure of 20 mbar inside the item under test, and with a maximum abstraction rate of 60 volumes/hour.

Protection Index Against Water entry:

This test specify the second digit of the Protection Index ( IPXI, IPX2, IPX3, IPX4, IPX5, IPX6, IPX7, IPX8), meaning protection against water entry into the fixture according to the) BS EN 60598-1 IEC 60598 – 1, IEC 60529.

1. IPX1

Protected against dripping water

Specification: The enclosure is exposed to dripping water with a flow rate of 1 mm per min for 10 minutes. Acceptance for Class IP X1 requires no water to have penetrated into the item in such a quantity, or in such a position as to prevent satisfied operation of the item or to present a safety risk

2. IPX2

Protection against dripping water at tilted to 15 degrees

Specification: The enclosure is exposed to dripping water during 4 positions for 2.5 minutes, with a flow rate of 3 mm/min. The enclosure is tested in four fixed positions of 15 degree from normal position Acceptance for the Class IP X2 requires no water to have penetrated into the item in such a quantity or in a position as to prevent the satisfactory operation of the item or to present a safety risk

3. IPX3

Protected against spraying water

Specification: The enclosure is exposed to water spray from a oscillated tube with each spray jet give a flow rate of 0.07 l/min, for 10 minutes. Alternative, a standardized spray nozzle, producing a spray of 10 l/min may be used. If this spray nozzle is used, the exposed time is 1 min/m² with a minimum time of of five minutes Regardless to the type of test equipment, water spraying is limited to ± 60° from the Acceptance for Class IP X3 requires no water to have penetrate the item in a quantity, or in such a position as to prevent satisfactory operation of the item or to present a safety risk.

4. IPX4

Protected against splashing water

Specification: The enclosures exposed to water spray from an oscillated tube with each spray nozzle give a flow rate of 0.07 l/min, for 10 minutes Alternative, a standardized spray nozzle, producing a spray of 10 l/min may be used for the spray nozzle is used in the exposure time is 1 min/m², with a minimum time of five minute for water is splashed against the enclosure from all the directions. Acceptance for Class IP X4 requires no water to have penetrate into the item in such a quantity, or in such a positions to prevent satisfactory operation of the item or to present a safety risk.

5. IPX5

Protected against water jets

Specification: The enclosure is subjected to a jet of water from a nozzle 6,3 mm internal diameter at a distance of 2,5 to 3 m from the EUT under testing. The water flow rate 12,5 l/min is applied for time of 1 min/m² with a minimum test duration of 3 minutes. Acceptance for Class IP X5 requires no water to have penetrate into the item in such a quantity or in such a position as to prevent satisfactory operation of the item or to present a safety risk.

6. IPX6

Protected against powerful water jets

Specification: The enclosure is subjected to a jet of water from a nozzle of 12,5 mm diameter at a distance of 2,5 to 3 m from the EUT under test. The water flow rate is 100 l/min applied for a time of 1 min/m², with a minimum of 3 minutes. Acceptance for Class IP X6 requires no water to have penetrate into the item in such a quantity or in such a position as to prevent satisfactory operation of the item or to present a safety risk.

7. IPX7

Temporary immersion in the water

Specification: The test is made by complete immersion of the EUT in water in its service position.The enclosure is immersed to the depth of 1 meter with the duration time of 30 minutes. Acceptance for Class IP X7 requires no water to have penetrate into the item in such a quantity, or in such position to prevent satisfactory operation of the item or to present a safety risk

8. IPX8

Continuous immersion in water

Specification: The test is made by complete immersing the EUT in water.
Test conditions are subject to agreement between the company the and user. Acceptance for the Class IP X8 requires no water to have penetrate into the item in a quantity or in such a position to prevent satisfactory operation of the item or to present a safety risk.

If you have any query regarding IP Testing and Certification. You can drop your testing requirements with the product technical details
We are waiting for your earliest reply.You can Call or Mail us for more information.


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