Shipping and Transportation of Module Package Units

IEC 62759-1: Shipping and Transportation of Module Package Units

The transportation and shipping of module package units (MPUs) can be challenging due to the sensitive nature of these components. In order to reduce the risk of damage during transport, the testing lab conducts testing as per the standardized practices for MPU transportation and shipping based on IEC 62759-1: Summarized Standards and Guidelines for Transportation and Shipping of Module Package Units.

What this standard includes:

The standard IEC 62759 describes ways for the simulation of transportation of package units of modules and combined subsequent environmental impacts.

How testing is performed?

This standard is designed so that its test sequence in testing lab can co-ordinate with those of IEC 61215 or IEC 61646, so that a single set of selected samples may be used to perform both the transportation simulation and performance evaluation of a module design.

Where this standard is applied?

This standard applies to photovoltaic modules, but may also be used as a basis for testing of CPV modules and assemblies.