Batteries for Portable Products Testing Lab (IS 16046/ IEC 62133)

Why necessary:

battery testing for Portable products IEC 62133

Portable products have chargeable batteries like laptop, power banks, cameras, mobile phones etc which have many risks and foreseeable misuse for overcome of these risks and misuses testing is necessary as per IEC 62133/IS 16046.


IEC 62133/IS 16046 specifies requirements and tests for the safe operation of portable sealed secondary nickel cells and batteries containing alkaline electrolyte, under intended use and reasonably foreseeable misuse.

Main/Critical Tests:

battery testing for Portable products IS 16046
  • Charging / Discharging Test
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Continuous charging Test
  • Vibration Test
  • Molded case stress at high ambient temperature Test
  • Temperature Cycling Test
  • Incorrect installation Test
  • Crushing Test
  • External short circuit Test
  • Free fall Test
  • Mechanical Shock Test
  • Thermal abuse Test
  • Low-pressure Test
  • Over-charging Test
  • Forced discharge Test