Electrical safety Testing for Lighting products

Are you looking for a company for testing lighting products?

ITC India Pvt. Ltd. is accredited laboratory as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005, serving since 2009. It is the best service provider in the field of Electrical, Electronic and Photometry testing with the certificate no. T1811, T3509 and T3510 respectively.

A satisfied clientele is maintained by the lab for testing lightning products as per IEC 60598-1 (general standard) and LM 79. For detailed scope kindly look at the above said certificate at the NABL site.

Why to choose ITC India Pvt. Ltd.?

  • Reports are issued with a NABL logo.
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  • Most reliable
  • Efficient engineers
  • Project Completion on time
  • Express Facility
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  • Highly accurate equipment are owned by ITC
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Below is the list of quantitative tests as per general standard IEC 60598-1.

List of quantitative tests

S. No. Clause No. Title of test Equipment used
1 3.4 Test of marking Piece of cloth/water/petroleum spirit
2 4.4.4 Lampholder pressure test Pressure device/torque driver
3 4.4.5 Voltage across lampholder High voltage probe/osciloscope
4 4.11.6 Electro mechanical contact system Voltmeter,high voltage transformer/electrical saftey analyzer
5 4.12.1 Screw & connections test screwdriver & spanner
6 4.12.5 Glands testing Test rods
7 4.13.1 Mechanical strength tests Spring hammmer
8 4.14.1/4.14.2/4.14.3 Adjusting device testing weighting device/glass test shelves
9 4.9.2 insulating linings & sleeve tests Heating cabinet/high voltage transformer/megaohmeter or electrical saftey analyzer
10 4.18.1 Resistance to corrosion humidity cabinet
11 4.18.2 Stress corrosion Heating cabinet/test solution
12 4.2o Rough service luminaire Vibration test equipment
13 4.22 Attachment to lamp Weighing device
14 4.24 Protective measures against UV radiations UV radiation test apparatus
15 4.26 Short circuit protection test Test chain /weighing device
16 pull and torque test on cord anchorage cord anchorage test(pull & torque)
17 5.3 Internal wiring dimensions Micrometer/equipment & insulation thickness
18 7.2.3 Earth continuity test Earthing test equipment(Electrical saftey analyzer)
19 8.2.5 Protection against electric shock Standard test finger/unjoint test finger
20 8.2.7 Capacitor discharge test Voltmeter /oscilloscope
21 9.2.0 Solid object proof luminaire testing IP3X/IP4X(IEC 60529)
22 9.2.1/9.2.2 Dust proof luminaire test Apparatus for protection against dust
23 9.2.3 to 9 Water proof luminaire test Apparatus for protection against water
24 9.3.1 Humidity test Humidity cabinet
25 10.2.1 Insulation resistance test electrical saftey analyzer
26 10.2.2 Electrical strength test electrical saftey analyzer
27 10.3.1 Leakage current testing Leakage current tester
28 11.2.1 Creepage and clearance distances Vernier calliper
29 12.3.1 Endurance test Thermal cabinet(35°C)
30 12.4.1 Thermal test Draught proof enclouser/thermometer
31 12.5 Abnormal operation Test circuit for metal hallide
32 13.2.1 Resistance to heat test Heating cabinet/ball pressure test apparatus
32 13.3.1 Resistance to flame test Needle flame testing
34 13.3.2 Resistance to ignition testing Glow wire test apparatus
35 13.4.1 Resistance to tracking test Proof tracking test device
36 14 Screw terminal Torque driver/micrometer
37 15 Screwless terminal Pull device/veriable current source/voltmeter