Room Heater Testing

Applicable Standards:

  1. IEC 60335-2-30
  2. IS 302-2-30
  3. ASTM E1509  

Essential Tests:

  1. Protection against access to live parts
  2. Power input and output at operating temperature
  3. Heating
  4. Temperature rise
  5. Leakage current and electric strength
  6. Transient overvoltage
  7. Moisture resistance
  8. Overload protection
  9. Stability and mechanical hazards
  10. Mechanical strength
  11. Provision for earthing
  12. Insulation resistance
  13. Creepage and air clearance

Some Important Test Results are shown in tabular form

Table A:

Cl. 10.1TABLE: Power input deviation P
Input deviation of/at:P rated (W)P measured (W)Allowed DeviationRemark
230V, 50Hz2000W1930W+5% & -10%Within limit

Table B:

Cl. 11.8TABLE: HeatingP
 Test voltages (V)              :At 1.15 * 2000W = 2300 W
 Ambient (°C)      :25°C
Thermocouple  locationsTemp. Measured (oC)Max. Rise Temp. (oC)Max Limit (oC)
a) Internal Wiring724750
b) External Wiring64.139.150
c) Handle54.529.560
d) Switch492430

Table C:

Clause. No.Test ConductedTest ConditionsTest  requirementResults



Cl. 13.2



Leakage Current Test

Motor operated appliance: 1.06 times of rated voltage: Between : Each pole of the supply source and the accessible metal partShall not exceed 0.75mAPass Imea:24µA


Cl. 13.3

High Voltage TestTest voltage: : 1000 V Test Duration: 1 min.


Test Part: Between live part and screw on the body.

Shall withstand without  breakdownPass


No flashover or break down occur

Cl. 14 


Impulse Test (Transient over voltages)

Transient Overvoltage: 2920V The impulse test voltage is applied three times for each polarity with intervals of at least 1s.There shall be no flashover.Pass, No flash over occur.



Cl. 27.5



Earth Contact Resistance Test

Test Current: 25A


Test Part: Between protective earth terminals and accessible metal Part

Calculated Earth Contact Resistance from current & drop in voltage shall not exceed 0.1 Ω)Pass



Table D:

Cl. 29:  Clearances, creepage distances and solid insulation
 Minimum distance (mm)Measured distance (mm)Verdict
– Basic insulation (at Rated Impulse Voltage 2500)1.5mm>1.5mmP
Creepage  distances
– Basic Insulation (at Working voltage 250V for pollution Degree 3, Material Group IIIa/IIIb) 









For your better understanding, we are going to show you the Room Heater Test report of latest LED in the following:

Room Heater Test report.