Cable Tray Testing

Are you Looking for Cable Tray Testing laboratory?

If you are looking for cable tray testing laboratory in your area then your search will end at ITC India pvt ltd. ITC India Electrical Safety Testing Laboratory is doing Cable tray testing according to IEC standards. Capable Testing engineer are performing the testing with calibrated machines. So you need not to worry about the quality of testing. Here we like to mention the tests required to test cable tray and the Equipment required as per IEC 61537

The general requirement of cable tray testing system and cable ladder system shall be so designed and constructed that in normal use, when installed as per manufacturer instruction, they ensure reliable support to cable contained therein. They shall not impose any unreasonable hazard to the user or cable.

First of all, classification is done and the a test of marking and documentation is performed, in  which a product is rubbed by soft hand with a cotton cloth soaked in petroleum spirit for 15 sec to check the durability of marking. All the documentation should be in compliance and inspection is done for this. All the dimensions are checked with the help of calibrated Vernier caliper and measuring tape

Then all the tests related to clauses are carried out either by inspection or by manual tests as per requirement.  ClauseName of the test Equipment used
1   7.1Marking testWater, Cotton cloth, petroleum spirit
2  8Checking of DimensionVernier caliper, measuring tape, slide gauge
3  9.3.1Mechanical tests on screwed connectionsSlide gauge
4  9.6-9.7Measurement of regular perforation pattern or regular rung pattern
5  10.3-10.4Deflection measurements at safe working load(SWL)Climate chamber of minimum temperature and maximum temperature ( Table 2)
  10.7-10.8Load(SWL)Slide gauge, tape measure, load plates of suitable length and shape, deflection measurement apparatus, fixid rigid support, cant
6  10.9Test of impact resistancePendulum Hammer
7  11.1Electrical continuityElectrical safety analyser
8  11.3.4Humidity TreatmentEnvironment chamber
9  13.1.2,13.1.3Contribution to fire and spread of fireGlow wire test apparatus
10  14Resistance to corrosionSalt Spray test appratus
11  15Electromagnetic compatibilityEMC machine