Testing of Electric Food Mixers & Grinders IS 4250

What is IS 4250?

IS 4250 is Indian standard, which covers the testing of Domestic used electric motor driven food-mixers and Grinders. Multipurpose machines used with certain accessories also covered by this standard.

Food Mixers and grinders can be found in nearly every Kitchen. Food mixer & Grinders are motorized small appliance. They are used especially to blend fruits, food ingredients etc.

Tests as per IS 4250

S.No.Clause NoTittle of Test
1.8Protection against electric shock
4.11Temperature Rise
5.13Electrical insulation & Leakage current at operating temperature
6.15Moisture Resistance
7.16Insulation resistance and Electric strength
9.19Abnormal Operation
10.20Stability and Mechanical hazards
11.21Mechanical strength
12.25Supply connections and external flexible cables and cords
13.27Provision for Earthing
14.28Screws and connections
15.29Creepage distances, Clearance and distance through insulation
16.30 Resistance to heat, fire and tracking
17.34Operation test
18.35 Temperature withstand test for bowl
19.36Test for controls
20.37Strength of assembly