Safety of laser products BS/EN 60825-1,IEC 60825-4:2022RLV

Standard IEC 60825-4 is the standard for visible-beam laser products. It specifies performance requirements, test methods and marking requirements for visible and near-visible laser products.

Why this standard is used?

IEC 60825-4:2022 standard includes testing of  issues concerning laser guards, including interlocking ,human access, and labelling, and gives general guidance on the design of protective housings and enclosures for high-power lasers.

  • Laser guards may also comply with standards for laser protective eyewear.
  • This part of IEC 60825 specifies the  testing for laser guards, permanent and temporary which encloses the process zone of a laser processing machine, and specifications for proprietary laser guards.

The testing lab conducts various tests to ensure the safety and reliability of the product.