Testing of Vertical Road signs – EN 12966 – Variable Message Signs

The International standard for Visual Display Message Sign is EN 12966. It emphasize on the limits and requirements on the basis of Visual/ Optical performances/Requirements, Physical/Environmental performances/Requirements, Electrical Safety Requirements/ Characteristics & EMC that can exist in the ambient atmosphere and deteriorate the safety and performance of the various visual message displays under Road Safety Signs.

The Visual performance includes: Classification, Color characteristics, Luminance , Luminance Ratio, Beam Width, Uniformity and Visible flicker, EN12899.

The Physical/Environmental performance includes: Classification, Environmental Requirements (i.e. Resistance to Temperature, Resistance to electrical/electronic components to the effects of pollution, Resistance to Corrosion & Degree of protection provided by enclosure-IP Level), Structural Performance (i.e. Resistance to Horizontal loads, Passive safety of VMS Support, Impact Resistance, Vibration Resistance), IEC 60664-1, EN 12899-1, EN 12767.

The Electrical Safety requirements comprises of Electrical requirements (i.e. Electrical Supply and limits, Electrical Safety) and also includes various safety Tests as per standards like EN 50556 Testing, EN 60950-1 & EN 60950-22.

The Electro-Magnetic Compatibility Tests consists of Emission & Immunity Testing requirements as per EN 50293.