IS 8448 – Automatic Line Voltage Correctors(ALVC)

Automatic Line Voltage Correctors (ALVC) are devices used for the correction of voltage for Domestic Use (Up to 5 kVA). These devices are used in various industries and homes to maintain the voltage at desired levels.

Reasons to have Automatic Line Voltage Corrector

  • The voltage supplied by the utility company is not always at the desired level.
  • The voltage levels keep fluctuating and this can cause problems in the functioning of electrical equipment.

Benefits of ISO 8448 – Step Type Line Voltage Correctors

ISO 8448 is an international standard that establishes the basic design and performance requirements for automatic line voltage correctors (step type) for domestic use. These devices are used to improve the power quality of the electrical supply by correcting voltage fluctuations.

There are many benefits of using ISO 8448 line voltage correctors:

– improved power quality

– reduced electricity bills

– extended lifespan of electrical appliances

– reduced maintenance costs

– improved safety

There are several applicable standards for Automatic Line Voltage Correctors (Step Type) for Domestic Use (Upto  kVA). These standards include the following:

  • IEC 60755-1: Automatic line voltage correctors for domestic use up to kVA
  • IEC 60755-2-1: Automatic line voltage correctors for industrial use up to kVA – Part 2-1: Requirements and tests
  • UL 845: Automatic line voltage correctors


This standard is applicable to single-phase, two-wire and three-wire systems with a nominal supply voltage not exceeding 240 V at 50 Hz or 60 Hz.