G-Mark Certification

What is G-mark Certification?

G-mark or gulf conformity mark is used to represent items that comply with every specialized guideline of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). This implies that items that are G-stamped fulfill all necessities of the comparing specialized guidelines and have cleared all similarity evaluation strategies.

G-mark certification is done for products sold or imported in Gulf Member States. It is a compulsory requirement for children’s toys and low voltage electrical products to be exported to the GCC nations under the Gulf Standardization Organization.

Categories of G-mark

G Mark for Low Voltage Electrical Appliances

ITC India provides you with risk analysis and assists you with evaluating technical requirements and preparation of documentation for products like household utilities, chargers, socket outlets, plugs and other similar products. 

The low voltage electrical appliances can be divided into 2 Regulated Products categories:

  • List 1
  • List 2

List 1 Regulated Products

Manufacturers producing products mentioned under List 1 must have a GMP system in place. Generally, it’s a factory quality control system that guarantees the products are being manufactured and assembled in a measured manner which embraces production line testing to ensure the product integrity and quality within the design intent. Only after considering the above points a manufacturer can affix the correct G-mark to the product and come up with a written Declaration of Conformity.

List 2 Regulated Products

Manufacturers of products mentioned under List 2 have to choose a single Notified Body (NB) to ensure that the products meet the requirements of the concerned Gulf Technical Regulations and for the issuance of an estimation report along with a Gulf Type Examination certificate. The manufacturers need to ensure that while manufacturing, good manufacturing practices have been applied in order to ensure that the product is being manufactured in compliance to the technical specifications. These manufactures have to prepare a detailed technical file for each model of product, along with a risk analysis report and test reports among the other additional documentation that be required.

Product Categories

  • Water Heater
  • Freezer/Refrigerator
  • Socket/Plug
  • Microwave oven
  • Air conditioner
  • Hand dryer/Hair dressing apparatus
  • Electric iron
  • Electric fans
  • Toaster
  • Dryer/Clothes washer
  • Electric heating apparatus
  • Griller/Oven/Cooker
  • Mixer/Food grinder/Juice extractor

Gulf Toys Technical Regulation (GTTR)

Children’s toys must fulfill all safety requirements listed under the technical regulation related to mechanical, physical, flammability, hygiene, chemical, radioactive and electrical properties. Gulf Toys Technical Regulation has been obligatory in GCC Member States (i.e. The States of the UAE, The Kingdom of Bahrain, The State of Kuwait, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The State of Qatar and Yemen, The Sultanate of Oman).

Every toy is protected by the scope of EN 71& EC directive 88/378/EC (and IEC 62115 for electrical toys) falls under the scope of GTTR.

Documents Required

The documents required to apply for a G-Mark are:

  • Company document like Partnership/Proprietary deed, AOA, MOA, COI
  • Manufacturer Declaration of Conformity
  • Test Report with the correct national deviations
  • Importer Declaration of Conformity

Saber product certification and shipment certificate

Saber is an electronic data exchange platform that enables merchants and importers to register with conformity certification bodies approved by the Saudi Customs Authority and other Saudi regulatory bodies. The Saber system is intended to ease handling of shipments and also reduce the circulation of fraudulent and non compliant consumer goods. It will make easier to track products and increase the number of products approved by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization in the Saudi market.

What is a Saber Certificate?

There is nothing like a “Saber certificate”. It is only that Saber platform enables you to issue a product’s Certificate of Conformity (COC) and Shipment Conformity Certificate electronically without visiting the Saudi Standards Authority.

What is G-Mark?

G mark is (Gulf Conformity Mark) the certificate used in the Gulf states for  low voltage electrical appliances,equipment and children’s toys. So, all manufacturers and importers of these kind of  products are required  to obtain the G Mark for their products so that they can export the products across  Gulf countries borders and display them in  markets.

How to Get the G mark certification for low voltage and electrical appliances ?

There are various categories for low voltage appliances included in the  G Mark scope according to the Gulf Regulation :

  • Air conditioners
  • Clothes dryers and  washing machines
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Electric fans
  • smoothing irons
  • Electric heating apparatus
  • Storage water heaters
  • Electro-thermic hair-dressing
  • Ovens and cookers
  • Microwave ovens
  • Toasters
  • Food grinders and mixers
  • Plugs, Socket , Adaptors, Extension Sets, and chargers.

All low voltage electrical appliances included in the above  categories require the intervention of a third party to obtain the G Mark according to the procedures provisions mentioned in  List 2.

How to get the G Mark certification for children toys?

Toys  covered by the G Mark means that the products designed and manufactured for the purpose of play under the age of 14 years  including the following categories:

Functional Toys

Aquatic Toys

Activity based Toys

Chemical Toys

Cosmetic Toy kits

Board Games

Some manufacturers take the responsibility of providing the conformity evidence and hence comes under List 1 category, but according to the Technical Regulation on Children Toys  this intervention is required if  the supplier is not taking the responsibility of providing the  evidence.

 The following  mentioned categories are excluded from the Regulation on Toys :

  • The 19 categories mentioned  in Annexure I in the regulations
  • Playground equipment intended for public use
  • Automatic playing machines for public use
  • Toy vehicles equipped with combustion engines
  • Toy steam engines
  • Slings and catapults

*List 1 – List 2 protocols:

The products which are within the scope of the G Mark are classified in two lists according to the conformity evidences, as the products in List 1 do not  require intervention of any notified body, whereas products in List 2 require the intervention of third party for G mark.