IEC 61010 testing Lab

What is IEC 61010 testing about?

IEC 61010 is a standard for testing safety requirements for laboratory equipments.

It covers following types of products:

  • Test and measuring Instruments
  • Electrical industrial process-control equipment
  • Electrical laboratory equipment

IEC 61010 is a popular standards for Laboratory & Measuring Instrument Product testing and IVD -In vitro Diagnostic equipments.

What equipments are excluded from the scope of IEC 61010?

Following equipments are excluded from the scope of IEC 61010:

a) IEC 60065 (Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus);
b) IEC 60204 (Safety of machinery – Electrical equipment of machines);
c) IEC 60335 (Household and similar electrical appliances);
d) IEC 60364 (Electrical installations of buildings);
e) IEC 60439 (Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies);
f) IEC 60601 testing (Medical electrical equipment);

What type of Testing is performed in by a testing lab for IEC 61010?

The purpose of the testing for IEC 61010 is to test the hazard arising out of the laboratory equipment are bare minimum to the operator and to the surroundings. If the hazard arising out of the equipment are low then the equipment will be safe.

Some important tests done are :

a) electric shock or burn (see Clause 6);
b) mechanical HAZARDS (see Clauses 7 and 8);
c) spread of fire from the equipment (see Clause 9);
d) excessive temperature (see Clause 10);
e) effects of fluids and fluid pressure (see Clause 11);
f) effects of radiation, including lasers sources, and sonic and ultrasonic pressure (see Clause 12);
g) liberated gases, explosion and implosion (see Clause 13).

Is EMC testing also included in IEC 61010?

No Following tests are not covered by the standard

a) reliable function, performance, or other properties of the equipment not related to safety;
b) effectiveness of transport packaging;
c) EMC requirements (see the IEC 61326 series);
d) protective measures for explosive atmospheres (see the IEC 60079 series).

What other tests are performed on Laboratory Equipments covered under IEC 61010:

General Safety Testing for Laboratory & Measuring Equipment are :

  • Testing in Single Fault condition
  •  Marking & Documentation
  • Protection against electric c shock
  • Determination of Accessible parts
  • Protective Bonding
  • Creepage and Clearances distances
  • Drop Test
  • Protection By Interlocks

Laboratory Centrifuge Testing IEC 61010-2-20

Centrifuge is a laboratory equipment used to separate particles from fluid of different sizes, viscosities and densities .A Vessel containing a sample of fluid spins at high RPM using electric motor. The centrifugal force pushes heavier materials to the outside of the vessel. Centrifuges are used in almost every Medical Labs and Hospitals

IEC 61010-2-20 Testing of Centrifuges

There are various types of centrifuges used in laboratories:-

  1. Micro-centrifuge
  2. High speed Centrifuge
  3. Low speed Centrifuge
  4. Refrigerated Centrifuges
  5. High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuges
  6. Ultra-centrifuges
  7. Gas Centrifuge etc

Major included tests in the scope of IEC 61010-2-020

  1. Contact with moving parts.
  3. High energy chemical reaction after ROTOR DISRUPTION.
  4. Ineffectiveness of BIOSEALS.