Testing of Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser/Soap Dispenser as per IEC 60335-1

Testing lab for Automatic Dispenser

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What is Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser?

Automatic sanitizer dispenser is an appliance which dispense a specific amount of soap solution or a similar liquid like hand sanitizer.

Benefits of Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser?

Improve Hygiene

  • Automatic dispenser is used to sanitize the workers or staff in the work place is the best option of Hygiene. Because manual operated sanitizer in work place direct contact every time a worker needs to use it that’s why automatic sanitizer dispenser is safe or hygiene
  • It decreases chances of disease by avoiding direct contact.

Encourage Usability

Automatic Dispenser testing lab
  • Automatic dispenser also encourage the Staff/Workers in offices/factories
  • Automatic dispenser also encourages the people in crowded area like Malls/cinema halls/hospitals etc.
  • Automatic dispensers are fun to use.


  • Automatic dispenser is economical because a specified amount liquid is dispensed.

Standard under Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser/Soap Dispenser:

  • IEC 60335-1: Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Part 1: General requirements
  • IEC 60068: Environmental testing – Part 2: Tests – ALL PARTS
  • IEC 61000: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • ROHs
  • Also note We Provide CE Certification for the same.

Testing of Automatic Dispenser

Benefits of Testing

Following are the key benefits of Tested Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser:

Dispenser testing Lab
  • Provide safety for Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser as per IEC relevant standard.
  • Represent your product worldwide with an independent Third party Test Report.
  • Reduces risk of company in the aspects of the document as per safety standards.
  • Improve Safety as well as performance of the product.
  • Saves money for after sales maintenance for a bad product.
  • Meets all requirement of IEC /EN /ROHs standards

List of Major Test as per IEC 60335

S.No.Clause No.Title of test
1.7Marking and instructions
2.8Protection against access to live parts
3.10Power input and current
5.13Leakage current and electric strength at operating temperature
6.14Transient overvoltages
7.15Moisture resistance
8.16Leakage current and electric strength
10.19Abnormal operation
11.20Stability and mechanical hazards
12.21Mechanical strength
14.23Internal wiring
16.25Supply connection and external flexible cords
17.26Terminals for external conductors
18.27Provision for earthing
19.28Screws and connections
20.29Clearances, creepage distances and solid insulation
21.30Resistance to heat and fire
22.31Resistance to rusting