Flexible Conduit Testing IEC 61386-23

Flexible Conduit Testing lab IEC 61386-23/IS 9537-3

Electrical conduit is a circular tube that routes and protects electrical wiring in industrial ,commercial and residential, buildings. Flexible Conduit which is properly tested and certified should be used . Flexible Electrical conduit as per IEC 61386-23 is a durable tube that protects electrical wiring even in hard turns and acute angle turns, such as in water heaters or lighting fixtures.

In practice, Flexible Electrical conduit can be made up of metal, fiber or plastic. It is generally installed by professional electricians at the installation site. Electrical conduit fittings and liquid-tight jackets protect the wiring from stress, strain, corrosion, heat and moisture, thus it increases the life of the electrical cables.

Conduit reliably protects electrical wiring systems from exposure and wear, shielding people from injury, equipment damage and electric shock. Quality of Flexible electrical conduit is very important because it has long term implications on building safety.

Conduit Testing IEC 61386/IS 9537 in testing lab is a must for any business or individual who wants to ensure the safety of their products. By running this test in a certified testing lab like ours, businesses and individuals can be sure that their products meet the highest safety standards. This test is important for businesses and individuals who want to protect their investment. It is a great way to ensure the safety of their products.

flexible conduit testing lab
IEC 61346-23 flexible conduit testing

Need of Conduit Testing IEC 61386-23/IS 9537

As the global market for electrical and electronic products rapidly expands, the need for reliable and accurate testing of these products has become increasingly important. To meet this demand, our testing laboratory has sprung up around the world. It is offering their services to manufacturers and other customers.

The laboratory offers a wide range of tests for electrical and electronic products. This includes the IEC 61386 and ISO 9537 standards for Conduit Testing.

The IEC 61386 standard is used to test the electrical safety of products that use electrical conduits. For example cable trays, junction boxes, and wiring ducts. The test includes a number of requirements, such as the insulation resistance of the products, the dielectric strength of the insulation, and the mechanical strength of the products.

The ISO 9537 standard is used to test the mechanical strength of electrical and electronic products. The test includes a number of requirements, such as the maximum load that the product can withstand, the deformation of the product under load, and the resistance of the product to vibration.

IEC 61326-23 testing lab
Flexible Conduit Testing IEC 61386-23/IS 9537-3

The laboratory is accredited by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It offers a wide range of tests for electrical and electronic products.

IEC 61386-23 Testing in a lab

IEC IEC 61386-23 prescribes the following tests

  • Dimensions
  • Construction
  • Mechanical properties
  • Electrical properties.
  • Thermal properties
  • Fire hazard
  • External influences
  • Electromagnetic compatibility