Flammability Test on Conveyor Belt EN ISO 340

Flammability Test on Conveyor Belt

The flame retardant property measures the capacity of the conveyor belt to extinguish a flame on it and the ease with which the flame reappears once extinguished.

ITC  (ISO/IEC 17025 accredited) Testing laboratory Provide the flammability test services on Conveyor belt 

EN ISO 340 Conveyor belts — Laboratory scale flammability characteristics — Requirements and test method

This standard specifies method for assessing, on a small scale, the reaction of a conveyor belt to an ignition flame source. It is applicable to conveyor belts having a textile carcass as well as steel cord conveyor belts.

A test piece cut from a conveyor belt is suspended vertically above a gas flame for a specific time, after which the gas flame removed. The after flame time is measured. Any re-flame is noted when the test piece is later subjected to a current of air.