Servo-motor operated automatic line voltage correctors (20kVA) for single phase- S 9815 ( Part 1)

The Servo-motor operated voltage stabilizers are designed with progressive mathematical and electronic circuit modulations to maintain a suitable level of steady voltage, stability, frequency and power factor.

What is S 9815  standard?

S 9815 Part 1 testing in testing lab  is used to assess the functionality and safety of servo-motors.

The main purpose of S 9815 Part 1 testing is to ensure that servo-motors are able to correctly and safely operate under various load conditions. This includes assessing the servo-motor’s ability to start and stop smoothly, as well as its ability to maintain a constant speed while under load.

Advantages of standard S 9815 

The advantages of using a servo motor operated auto transformer is that use a servo motor to automatically adjust the voltage on a circuit. They are used to correct for voltage fluctuations on the line, and to protect against power surges.