Testing Services:

ITC India is sensitive to the manufacturer’s need to minimize time to market. Our compliance engineers are customer oriented and will keep an open line of communication with you to prevent unnecessary delays. We have been able to assist our clients in improving their products- sometime radically. Refer to our case studies section for more details on how our testing helped/transforms the product radically.

Safety Testing:

Our safety test facilities offer assessment and testing to British, European, Indian and International standards on a wide range of electrical and electronic business and domestic equipment. We are continually expanding our capability to cover an increasingly broad range of standards.

On-site Testing facility:

In cases where equipment is physically large or requires services which cannot be readily provided to a test house, on-site testing may be appropriate. Here, equipment is tested ‘in-situ’ at either the manufacturer’s premises or location of final installation.

Testing Services:

Independent Third party Test laboratories network covering

  • Electrical / Functional Testing of Components
  • Equipments & Systems
  • Climatic and durability Testing
  • Reliability & Failure Analysis
  • Safety
  • ‘CE’ Marking
  • Medical
  • Mining

Our service to our product safety customers includes:

  • 24-hour start for critical projects
  • No hidden costs
  • Complimentary design assistance
  • Manufacturers who perform their own product safety certification testing in-house, or who enjoy the convenience of using a local test lab, should consider partnering with ITC India.
  • Technical equipment management, Test Houses/Certification Bodies, Product Certifications (CE), IEC/EN Compliance testing for Electromedical Devices, Machineries, Electrical Equipment, Solar panels, Batteries, etc.