FREE Testing for Ventilators as per ISO 80601-2-12 /IEC 60601-1

ITC INDIA is a NABL Approved Testing Laboratory.

ITC INDIA PVT LTD is capable of Testing all Medical Devises for the safety as per IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, and ISO 80601-2-12, EC 60601-2-19 including all Medical safety standards.

It is a NABL Accredited lab to do testing for IEC 60601-1. The Basic standard that covers safety testing of all electro-medical devices.

While many Factories have designed recently ventilator with new design and cost effectiveness, It is very important to test these devices against international norms .

Ventilator Quick testing

Ventilators are used for patients which are having difficulty in breathing – which means that the human body at the stage when it requires ventilator is at duress with regards to its  lung capacity  and immunity. Thus ventilators while providing oxygen to the body should not  produce any additional risk caused by

  1. Electrical faults in machinery
  2. Should have enough failure proof
  3. Alarms which notify before failure
  4. Reaction of plastic and metal with Oxygen
  5. Leakage current tests

ITC India has announced that it will do the above Basic Safety Tests on ventilators FREE OF COST and provide inputs of failure and product improvement to manufacturers within 27 Days.

Ventilator Quick testing

Exhaustive testing against IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, and ISO 80601-2-12, EC 60601-2-19  is also possible at normal pricing

NO report will be issued for this FREE service.

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