Mixing and Stirring Laboratory Equipment Testing as per Standard IEC 61010-2-051

What is Mixing and Stirring Equipment

Mixing and Stirring equipment are most commonly found in laboratories. These equipment mainly used for solvent removal by stirring motors, magnetic stirring, small pumps for fluid, shakers etc.

Stirring motors and Magnetic stirrers are often operated for fairly long periods without constant attention. Therefore, they create certain risks for user and for laboratory which may cause a hazard. To eliminate this risks equipment is tested as per standard IEC 61010-2-051 for laboratory equipments.

About IEC 61010-2-051

This standard is applicable to electrically operated equipment and its accessories for mechanical mixing and stirring. Where mechanical energy influences the shape and size or homogeneity of materials and their accessories. Such devices can contain heating elements.

Mixing and Stirring laboratory Equipment IEC 61010-2-051

Test as per IEC 61010-2-051

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Following are the test as per IEC 61010-2-051

S.No.Clause No.Tittle of tests Power/current Measurements fault test
4.5.3Durability of Marking energy
6.6.2Accessibility voltage/current/capacitance/stored energy impedance/earth continuity test for external circuits
10.6.7Clearance &creepage distances equipment for tracking index chamber strength tests entry test anchorage test
16.7.3Stability tests
17.7.4Strength of handles test test equipment tests
22.9.3Limited Energy Circuits
23.10.4Temperature tests materials
28.11.6Specially protected equipment (IP rated)
29.11.7Fluid pressure & leakage
31.14.3Over temperature protection devices
32.14.9Transient over voltage