Gowns & Drapes Testing

In Hospital, health staff’s gowns and drapes testing provide a safety barrier for both patients and themselves. Gowns and drapes are made of medical textiles which comply with certain standards to ensure safety of  the product.

Gowns & Drapes Testing to ensure safety of  the product.

Uses of Surgical Gowns

Surgical gowns and drapes are commonly used in hospital facilities especially during surgical procedures. It also prevent the transfer of micro-organism and germs .

  • Gowns and Drapes are made up of non-woven fabric and provide a protective barrier.
  • Both surgical gowns and drapes are classified as medical devices and are commonly classified into different categories based on their  protection.
  • Surgical gowns are used as a barrier by covering important areas from the shoulders to the knees and wrists.
  • Surgical gowns are used in the operation theatre it protects the patient from any virus.

We support medical textile suppliers to ensure the functionality as well as compliance with relevant safety standards of these products by testing those products.

Testing of Surgical Clothing and Drapes

Part 1: Surgical Drapes and Gowns

  1. Europe – EN 13795-1
  2. US – ASTM F2407-6

Part 2: Clean Air Suits

  1. Europe EN 13795-2
  2. Medical textiles
  3. India/IS 16289 Surgical face mask
  4. India/IS 17423 Coveralls