Luminaries/LED Product Testing

ITC can do Electrical Safety testing against Luminaries/LED equipment for following types of products/standards:

Fixed general purpose luminaries, Luminaries for road and street lighting, Aquarium luminaries, Lighting chains, Emergency lighting.

LED-lamps , LED bulb , LED based street lights ,flood lights , tube lights , DC or AC supplied electronic control gear for LED modules , Indoor-outdoor LED luminaires etc

Popular standards for LED Product testing are LM 79 ,IS 16106:2012 ,IEC 61347-2-13 ,IEC 62384,IEC62722-2-1,IEC 62031,IS 15885(part2/sec13),IS 16103,IS 16102,IEC 62612,IEC 60969 etc

General Safety Testing for Luminaries

  • Marking
  • Construction
  • External and internal wiring
  • Provision for Earthing
  • Protection against electric c shock
  • Resistance to Dust, Solid objective and Moisture
  • Insulation Resistance and electric Strength.
  • Creepage and Clearances distances
  • Endurance and Thermal Test
  • Resistance to Heat ,Fire and Tracking
  • Screw Terminals
  • Screwless terminals and Electrical Connections

List of Major standards under Luminaire

Self-ballasted led lamps for general lighting services IS 16102 (Part 1) IEC 62560
Led modules for general lighting part 1 safety requirements IS 16103 (Part 1) IEC 62031
Safety Of Lamp Controlgear – Part 1: General and safety requirements IS 15885 (Part 1) IEC 61347-1
Safety of Lamp Controlgear – part 2 particular requirements – section 13 d.c. or a.c. supplied electronic controlgear for led modules IS 15885 (Part 2/sec 13) IEC 61347-2-13
Single-capped /Self-ballasted fluorescent lamps – Safety requirements IS 15687 (Part 1) IEC 60968