IEC/ EN 60073

IEC/ EN 60073

IEC 60073 lays out general rules for allocating particular meaning to visual acoustic and tactile indications so that safety of person/property can be enhanced. Apart from it, proper monitoring, control and maintenance of the equipment can be encouraged.

This standard is applied to:

  1. Single indicator light
  2. Push buttons
  3. Mechanical indicators
  4. LED’s or video display screens
  5. Safety of person, property is evolved and also where codes are used to facilitate the proper monitoring and controlling of equipment
  6. Where particular kind of coding is to be assigned by technical committee for a special function.

Meaning of color, shape & acoustic – general principal








Safety of person/ Environment Condition of Process State of equipment
Red -Sweeping sound

-Bursts of sounds







Yellow Pattern of segments with constant level  






Green Continuous sound with constant level  






Blue Alternate sound pitch Mandatory Significance
White/grey/Black Other sounds No specific meaning assigned


There are 3 indication modes

  • Alerting
  • Indication
  • Confirmation


Acuator type  

Identified by colour



Non illuminating acuators
Emergency /normal (stop/off) Red Exceptions are allowed when red color is not available.
STOP/OFF White,  grey black Red can be used but green is not permitted
START/ON White, grey, black Green  can be used but red is not permitted
RESET Blue,  white black ,grey
Use of black and white specific meaning White, black White –start/on

Black- stop/off

Illuminating Acuators
Type a Have the same colour wheather or not they are lit For indication
Type b Have a single colour when lit that is different from the colour when not lit and both colour have meaning For confirmation
Type c Have more than one possible colour of lightning


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