Testing of Luminaries by ITC India Pvt Ltd

Testing of Luminaries by ITC India Pvt Ltd

Testing of Luminaries by ITC India Pvt Ltd

ITC India Pvt Ltd is accredited Lab by NABL and Approved by BIS to test all types of Luminaries. We have installed the latest,  reliable and calibrated Goniophotometer, Spectroradiometer, Integrating sphere and other equipment that meet the international standard in our Laboratory. All the calibration is done from NPL ( National Physical Laboratory) India.

Luminaries comes under Compulsion Registration Schemes launched by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Any SSL product before launching has to go through safety and performance testing , so that only the reliable and safe products reaches our valuable consumers.

What is Luminaries Testing?

Luminaries are tested as per safety, performance , EMC, experimental and photmetric testing .

As it comes under Complete registration scheme lanced by BIS manufacturer has to get its products tested . Either it is tender or manufacturer requirement  the report issued by NABL or BIS approved lab is valid.

ITC india Pvt ltd is NABL and BIS approved lab and its reports are valid all over the world.

The below is the List of Major standards for Luminaries testing whose Testing facility is developed by our lab so that one can get all testing under one roof.

Our services at glance


Testing type

Major Standards



 IEC 60598/ IS 10322, IEC 62031/ IS 16103 ; IEC 60968/ IS 15687, IEC 62560/ IS 16102, IEC 61347-1/ IS 15885, IEC 62471



 IEC 62384/IS 16104 , IEC 62384



IEC 61547, CISPER-15




IEC 60529, IEC 62262, IEC 60068-2-75

Salt Spray Testing

Ingress Protection For Water and Dust

Impact testing, Vibration testing

 IP 54, IP55, IP56, IP 65, IP 66, IP 67, IP 68

IK01, IK 02, IK 03, IK 04, IK 05, IK 06, IK 07, IK 08, IK09, IK10



LM 79, IS 16106, IS 16107-2-1, IS 16103-2, IS 15111, IEC 60969



CE Cerification

Why Luminaries testing is important?

SSL solid state lightning has penetrate into our daily life. Currently, its demand is increasing day by day and seems to have a shining future. Now ,  a consumer will choose its best product based on efficiency reliability, cost effective, safe and more energy efficient . Let us take an example , a Consumer will definitely purchase the product which has more lm/w and cost . This Lm/ w is the parameter which is tested by the testing Laboratory to ensure that the claimed efficiency by manufacturer is valid or not.

To keep pace with the advanced lighting, testing helps manufacturers of luminaries and lighting fixtures to modify existing products to accommodate with new technologies.

Photobiological safety and Flicker test on SSL  is considered to be mandatory testing as the LED can cause eye damage ( specially blue light)

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