Why Safety Testing/Compliance of Batteries is Important?

Many explosions in mobile batteries, laptops, notebooks car batteries etc. are seen in past few years. There are many reported incidents due to battery explosion in mobile phone, laptops, cars, vape, Hover board and many more … What were the reasons of the explosion….

  • Either Battery were made of cheaper material or recycled batteries were used
  • Overcharging
  • Exposed to high temperature or humidity

battery testing

How do Non compliance batteries effect User, supplier, manufacturer, importer?

Effect on User

  • Risk to users safety
  • resulted in injury
  • less reliable

Effect on Manufacturer

  • degrade the cost
  • Degrade in market with no reputation
  • Less sale /No sale

Hazards associated with Secondary batteries

  • The Electrical & Chemical hazards
    1. Spillage: hazard linked to the corrosive and flammable properties of the electrolyte.
    2. Toxic or harmful Gas Emission like CO.
    3. Fire
    4. Ejection of Parts
  • High Voltage: a direct danger to humans due to exposure to high voltage or high current
  • Loss of one (or more) of the battery service functions

To avoid above said incidents on Battery explosion, Compliance testing is necessary for all manufacturer, Importer and supplier. Secondary batteries or portable batteries or rechargeable batteries are to be tested as per IEC 62133 / IS 16046.

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