EN/ IEC 62262 Impact Testing

EN/ IEC 62262 Impact Testing

Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures for Electrical Equipment Against External Mechanical Impacts (IK Code)

The IEC/EN 62262 standard defines an IK code which gives the equipment capacity to resist to mechanical impacts, on all the electrical enclosure surfaces.

Product on which IK is applicable :

  1. Electrical Enclosures
  2. Empty Enclosures
  3. CCTV Cameras
  4. LED street, Roadway and other lighting products
  5. Light Fixtures and many other products

Reference standards :

  1. IEC 60068-1
  2. 60068-2-75

Relevant product standards

We can execute impact testing describe above to any product standard. For Example:

  1. IEC/BS/EN 61429: Low voltage switch-gear and control assemblies
  2. IEC/BS/EN 62271: High Voltage switch-gear and control-gear.
  3. IEC/BS/EN 50130-5 Alarm System (Environment Test Method)
  4. IEC/ BS/EN  60598-1 Luminaries
  5. IEC 62696: Luminaries (Application of IK code as per  IEC/EN 62262)
  6. IEC /BS/ EN 62676-1-1 Video surveillance system for use in security applications.
  7. IEC /BS/EN 62208 Empty Enclosure for Low voltage switch-gear and control-gear assemblies.

Benefits of IK testing

It caters the evidence of the suitability of the enclosure for its intended environment.

  1. More durability
  2. High in demand
  3. Beneficial for the end user
IK CodeImpact Energy in joules Impact Testing
IK 010.14 J
IK 020.2 J
IK 030.35 J
IK 040.5 J
IK 050.7 J
IK 061 J
IK 072 J
IK 085 J
IK 0910 J
IK 1020 J
IK Code IK 00IK 01 to IK 05IK 06IK 07IK 08IK 09IK 10
Impact EnergyLess than 1 J1 J2 J5 J10 J20 J
R mm (Radius striking element)  101025255050
Mass in Kgs
Pendulum Hammer🗹🗹🗹🗹🗹🗹
Spring hammer🗹🗹🗹🗷🗷🗷
Free Fall 🗷🗷🗹🗹🗹🗹
Spring Hammer Pendulum HammerFree Fall
Spring HammerPendulum HammerFree Fall

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